stand by me doraemon movie review

Do you remember where you were when you first heard of Doraemon? I think I was in third year high school. I remember watching it after classes, right when I get home. There was something about this 3-episode daily show that really captured my attention, and in the process I may have lost some precious moments with my high school friends, because instead of hanging out with them, I always had to rush home just to watch this cat robot and his dorky friend.

You can't blame me, hanging out with Doraemon was a lot better than hanging out with my friends. At least Doraemon didn't judge me and my life decisions. I watched religiously like my life depended on it. Mostly because it was fun, but partly because I could relate to Nobita: helpless, weak and lonely.

Doraemon, the blue robotic cat, travelled from the future so he can help Nobita, a bona fide wimpy kid, in his affairs. Doraemon, being from the future, has a wide collection of gadgets with which he helps Nobita in his daily woes. In the process of helping him, they wind up in even bigger trouble, which they eventually get over and they pick up a lesson or two after.

This format, so simple and wholesome during its entire run, is actually endearing even to a grownup like me. If I could, I'd probably still watch Doraemon until now. This is why when I heard of a new Doraemon movie showing in the theaters, I didn't have to think twice.

Like any self-respecting adult I picked the late night showing, hoping that the theater won't be full of kids. I was right. The theater was almost empty. There were probably less than 20 viewers. The only people I saw in the theater were the hardcore Doraemon fans, some even older than me, and some were even wearing Doraemon shirts. These people, just like me, must have at some point forgotten about Doraemon and they joy of watching it, but the nostalgia was just too much to bear. We just HAD to see the movie.

I admit, I wasn't expecting too much. I was aware that I am a twenty-eight fully grown male adult impervious to feelings and emotions and tears but SHIT when Doraemon first showed up in Nobita's room from the table drawer he used to make his entrance in, I just had to suppress an inner shiver, because I felt that just like Doraemon, I was travelling back in time, back to those afternoons after school.

Early on in the movie I went to the toilet to pee, so I won't have to do it later when the important ending scenes come on. I had to run down the stairs and up again just so I won't miss anything. The whole process, from running down, to running to the toilet, peeing, to running back to the theater and up the stairs to my seat - took less than a minute. I did it as quickly as possible so as not to distract the other watchers in the theater.

The story is pretty decent, it can hold itself against other children stories. The 3D version takes some getting used to, and the voices too. Maybe I just miss the old Doraemon version so much, but this doesn't mean the movie did not give it justice, because it did.

In a nutshell, it tells the first meeting of Doraemon and Nobita (named Nobi in this movie). Doraemon was sent from the future to Nobita's timeline, so he can help Nobita set his affairs straight so he doesn't end up growing old and unhappy. Doraemon's task was simplified when he found out that Nobita had a raging, burning crush for Shizuka (Sue in the movie), his classmate. In order to ensure Nobita's happiness in the future, he needed to help him ensure that he marries Shizuka in the future by making him desirable to Shizuka. Until Doreamon succeeds in that, he can never go back to his own timeline.

As expected, Nobita and Doraemon ran into endless shenanigans. Faced with bullies, faling school grades, peer pressure and his love for Shizuka, Nobita turned to Doraemon for everything. And Dorameon tolerated him. So much so that in time, Nobita became too dependent on him that he can no longer function by himself.

Many times Nobita failed, but eventually, he was able to get Shizuka's approval, giving Doraemon a glimpse of their bright future together. Before he knew it, it was time for him to go home.

It was during this scene that I realized, this Doraemon movie is NOT AT ALL a feel good movie. This is not meant to bring back joyful childhood memories or experience the excitement once again. This movie's purpose is to reduce adults to tears. I should have known from the poster itself.

I really let myself go. My tears were just ugh. Yuck. I was crying. Ew. I had human emotions. And I was certain I was not the only one bawling their eyes out, left eye first, right eye next. There is no shame in crying. Even if what it takes for you to cry is a mechanical cat robot with a weird voice.

Towards the end, when Nobita and Shizuka got lost in a blizzard, I felt the need to pee again. And this time I can't just sprint, because these scenes are crucial. This is where everything culminates. Surely my bladders can wait.

A few more minutes, I endured. But during the very final scene, I knew I had to run or risk going home soaking wet. So down the stairs I went, noiseless but aware of all the eyes in the theater probably watching me, alternating between the emotional ending scene and me, running the length of the whole stairs like some pickpocket chased by cops.

In the toilet I went, running to the nearest urinal. I did not bother to wash my hands, I can do that later. The only important thing right now is getting back to my seat. I was running again. Running back up the dark stairs, the outlines of the steps glowing neon blue.

Dramatic music playing in the background... I was sure that this was the ultimate moment and I was missing it. I ran faster up the stairs and suddenly...

Nangudngod ako.

Putangina nangudngod ako sa hagdan.


And may naririnig akong tumatawa, dun banda malapit sa kinauupuan ko. Pagdating ko sa upuan ko gusto ko nang malusaw. Yung mga taong nanonood, na kanina lang eh nakatutok sa intense na intense na eksena, eh nakasaksi ng taong nagungudngod fuuuck.

Ito na nga marahil ang dahilan kung bakit ako nakakarelate kay Nobita.

st nicholas catering and restaurant

Hey Kids you little shits. Love you. Kumusta kayo? Do you still remember Karl? Siya yung may pakana kung bakit ako napasabak sa mga review-reviewhan ng burger at ng spa. Eto in-invite na naman nya ako, this time food tasting naman ang kaganapan. Exciting! With a friend na sadyang mahiyain sa food, sumabak kami sa St Nicholas Catering and Restaurant para isang umaatikabong hapon ng food tasting. Tikiman kung tikiman! Ihanda ang gums!

Ang St Nicholas Catering ay matagal na sa catering business, at nagbukas sila ng restaurant last year. Relatively new ang restaurant pero ang dishes ay sadyang perfected over the years. Naks.

Whenever I eat at a restaurant the first thing I notice is the “personality” of the design. May restaurants na lively, may very formal, may cozy, may intimidating. Ang St Nicholas ay matatawag kong Fiesta. Nung nagtanong ako kung ano ang theme, sabi sa akin wala raw theme. The owner just brought design inspirations from his travels around the world. And somehow, this is the personality of the restaurant.

Sa nag-uumapaw na gratitude ko sa restaurant owner, si Chef Nick Pelaez, hindi ko lang babanggitin na siya ay isang mabait, talented at creative na chef, gusto ko rin gawin syang isang official hashtag: #CHEFNICKPELAEZ

OK dahil nga food tasting talaga ang ipinunta ko dun, talagang tinutukan ko ang pagtikim sa food. Activated na ang taste buds ko noon, and I really prepared myself mentally and physically. In fact, sa buong maghapon bago pumunta sa restaurant, ang kinain ko lang ay marshmallows.

So yun nga. Ito ang  mga pagkaing dumapo sa aking gums:

Adobong Manok at Baboy sa Dilaw
Sayang hindi ko ito nakunan ng picture. Busy na agad ang gums ko eh. Ito ang una kong tinira, kasi pag-upo ko sa seat sa table ito ang tumapat sa akin at ito ang unang nahagip ng aking paningin. Pagsayad ng adobo sa aking gums I was like Hmm adobo ito pero parang may kakaibang shiznit. Ipinaliwanag lang sa akin na kaya ito tinawag na Adobo sa Dilaw ay sapagkat may ingredient ito na color yellow. I forgot what it is. Sowrry.

Update: It's turmeric.

Tinikman ko lang ito a little bit. Pinakaiiwas-iwasan ko ang okoy. I don’t understand why. This must be some deep-seated psychological childhood trauma? Or some catastrophic event from my previous life which imprinted itself onto my present existence? Or does it bring ill thoughts of massacre and genocide, which I subconsciously associate with all those dead shrimps? I definitely need to talk to a psychiatrist about this. This can’t go on. Update U L8r.

Tinolang Chicken sa Pakwan
Eto hindi ko na rin nakunan ng picture kasi nung sinabi na Tinola sa Pakwan talagang nagpanting ang tenga ako at na-excite ako.

Siguro nung naisip ni #CHEFNICKPELAEZ na “Sheht kailangan kong i-revolutionize, i-revamp, at i-overhaul ang boring na tinola” nagkataon naman na nagtitimpla sya ng watermelon juice. It’s a matter of putting two and two together so do the Math kids. And the result is LEGENDARY, like WTF tinola ba to or what? It’s such a wonderful confusion exploding in your taste buds. I wonder kung ano-ano pang ibang fruits ang pinag-eksperimentuhan ni #CHEFNICKPELAEZ before he ended up with watermelons. I can just imagine the trial and error sessions: Tinola sa Ube. Tinola sa  Jackfruit. Or Tinola with Papaya, pero yung Papaya ay Ripe. WTF diba? And on top of that freaky Tinola, super sarap rin nung Sinigang Na Pork in Grapes.

Joke lang walang Sinigang na Pork in Grapes pero sana meron diba? Seriously ang sarap ng Tinolang Chicken sa Pakwan, yummy like a motherfu--.

Ebi Tempura with Suka Dip
Forget the shrimp, it reminds me of the okoy. To me, it’s just a crustacean unlucky enough to get itself caught, skinned, smothered with breading mix and deep-fried and for what? Inialay ng hipong ito ang buhay nya para lang sumayad sa nagngangalit mong gums. Although iniwasan ko ang okoy, that didn’t stop me from eating the tempura. But in the end, for me, yung side dish na talong ang totoong game-changer. Ang sarap. Every coin-shaped slice is so soft and so rich in flavor.

Adobong Crocodile
Akala ko joke lang ito. Totoo palang bwaya yung inadobo. I liked it. Mas flavorful siya pero halos same texture sa pork. Sana meron ding crocodile sa carinderia malapit sa amin.

We also enjoyed the Guinataang Velociraptor. You should try it!

Paru-parong Tilapia with Sweet Tamarind Sauce
Why paru-paro you ask? No, wala itong kinalaman sa Butterfly position involving 3 guys and 1 adventurous girl. Sadyang ini-style na parang paru-paro yung tilapia sa pagkaka-spread ng laman, mukhang butterfly wings and complete with antenna jk.

This is the #shit. Ang sarap ng sisig, it deserves its own blog post. OK I don’t really like maaanghang foods and no this is not some psychological trauma, ayoko lang yung pinagpapawisan ako sa anit. Pero sheht ang sarap ng sisig tiniis ko yung katiting nyang anghang. So delicious. To quote ang paboritong linya ng officemate kong si Papi Donpi, “Yuh-meeh”.

Poque Poque
Hindi ako sanay sa ganitong spelling na Poque Poque, this is a little too bourgeoisie for me. Para sa akin, ito ay mananatiling Puke-Pukehhh. Ang sarap lalo noong ihinalo ko ito sa sisig. Powerful combination talaga and I was like Who would have thought, right?

Steamed Rice Plain
This is my favorite! Actually I feel guilty na inatake ko talaga ang rice. Ang pagkakaintindi ko kasi sa “food tasting” eh titikman mo yung mga dishes, hindi lalapain. Eh na-carried away ako. Tuwing titikim ako ng ulam, naghahanap ako ng rice, and before I knew it, piyesta mode na ako. Sorry. This is so unbecoming of me. How do I expect to be respected as a food critic kung patay gutom ako sa rice? Actually I don’t LOL. I came there to enjoy, sorry #CHEFNICKPELAEZ kasi naenjoy ko talagang kumain.

At some point biglang lumabas sa kusina si #CHEFNICKPELAEZ at nagsabing "Guys it's time for desserts" at nagpanting muli ang tenga ko.

Turon de Tsokolate
Hindi ko ito natikman kasi naubos agad. If you look closer sa larawan, kapansin-pansin rin na ang Banana Split ay P149 lamang.

Chocolate Lava Ala Mode
Ang sarap nito, like a motherfu--. And thanks kay #CHEFNICKPELAEZ he made each of us take a choco lava cake home. Yummey. I suggest i-microwave ito to hellish levels of heat to fully experience the lava part.

Honeyed Fruits in Ice Cream
Sa pagbalik ko dito sa St Nicholas, oorder ako uli nito. Hindi lang ito masarap, it's Ansherep.

To officially end the food tasting session, #CHEFNICKPELAEZ made us grab a cup of civet coffee. Ito yung expensive brew dahil galing pa yung beans sa jebs ng civet. Kung may alaga kayong civet sa bahay, try nyo to!

Maya-maya kaming tinatanong ni #CHEFNICKPELAEZ, Masarap ba? This is where I got the idea na ang pagluluto is also like making love. Kailangan mong sarapan. Kailangan masarapan ang pakakainin mo. At kailangan mag-enjoy sya sa pagkain sayo. Kaya kailangan mo talagang tanungin, "S4r4p baH b3h?"

Syempre panay ang sagot ko kay #CHEFNICKPELAEZ ng Opo Chef masarap. Tuwing tatanungin nya ako, alin sa mga dish ang nagustuhan mo, each time nag-iiba ang sagot ko kasi ang hirap mag-decide on just one dish. Kung tutuusin, most of the dishes here ay mahahanap mo rin sa ibang restaurant. So what sets St Nicholas Restaurant apart?

I will definitely say, yung lasa mismo. Kasi nga masarap! Paulit-ulit na ako ha. These dishes come from a chef who had years and years of experience. Eleven years na ang catering services ni #CHEFNICKPELAEZ. Hindi naman siguro aabot ng eleven years ang catering business nya kung ang lasa ng luto nya eh tae-tae much. Moreover, #CHEFNICKPELAEZ strives to put a distinct twist sa mga well-loved dishes natin. Some think it’s gimmicky but this is something I appreciate. Anyone can come up with a decent Tinola but not everyone has the foresight to add watermelon to the mix. Not everyone is willing to go through endless trial and error sessions. Kung tatamad-tamad mag-isip si #CHEFNICKPELAEZ baka may Tinolang Chicken sa Orange Juice sa menu.

Pero the best part of this restaurant is, the food selections are not overpriced. Afford na afford natin ito. Kahit makatatlong servings tayo ng Tinola, wala tayong fear na maglakad pauwi.

If you want to bring your gums here, madali lang matagpuan ang St Nicholas. Dito lang sya banda sa #1 Fatima St., corner San Rafael St., Barangay Plainview in Mandaluyong. So halimbawa, nasa Cavite ka. Tapos papunta kang Laguna. Pwede kang dumaan muna saglit sa Mandaluyong tutal it’s on the way naman so you can check out St. Nicholas Restaurant!

Muli, thanks Chef Nick Pelaez, thanks Karl, and thanks sa mga nakasama ko that one fun afternoon.

Can we change the name of the Paru-parong Tilapia? It’s kind of misleading. Binuyangyang na Tilapia would be nice. Or Binulatlat na Tilapia. Or Tilapiang Binukaka To the Extreme Limits of Metaphysical Possibilities. Tangina kung ganyan ang pangalan ng dish, tilapia mismo ang magvo-volunteer na mailuto.

That’s #CHEFNICKPELAEZ in front of Mount Mayon near the clouds. (Thanks Karl for the pic)


Contact Chef Nick Pelaez here:
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