Hey Kids! We started a podcast! Wait lang we can explain. Basta nangyari na lang like everything else in this world. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit di ako nakakapagpost dito sa blog lately. This is all Gideon's idea so siya ang mananagot LOL. On a serious note, medyo matagal ko na rin naiimagine paano kaya feeling magkaroon ng podcast? So the day Gideon brought this idea up, go na agad.

So after a few (or one) brainstorming sessions we came up with Creepsilog! Creepypasta with Pinoy flavor? Pwede. Catalogue of creepiness. We just want to spread wisdom and knowledge (ulul).

We're gonna talk about a lot of weird, scary, and disturbing stuff. If you're into these things, this podcast is for you! And even if you're not, it's still me and my friend talking so if you enjoy this blog, you might enjoy listening to my awkward voice from the depths of the abyss.

We get into details sa aming pilot episode. We share creepy things that happened to us: Gideon tells us about an ex-officemate who stalked him and I share my weird taxi driver story.

For our first season, we are paying homage to our favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder and The Last Podcast on the Left, by counting down our favorite ("favorite") serial killers of all time.



Please listen masaya to. We enjoyed recording, tawanan lang and gaguhan. So we didn't really accomplish much in terms of educating the public, pero nag-enjoy kami. We hope you enjoy this too.

Here's a little teaser for our first season:

OK if you don't have time to go through all 10 episodes just to get an idea how Creepsilog sounds like, eto na lang muna ang pakinggan nyo: The Best of Season One sabeeeeh

Hey Creepers! Before we descend into the darkness and depths of Season 2, let’s first review the killer season that is Season 1. Join us as we dissect over 10 hours of recording and stuff the corpse into 40 minutes of intense knowledge and wisdom chos.

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And today, we just launched our Second Season:

If you've been reading my blog since 2008 you would know aswang-aswang is my jam. So please please please follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Spotify.

Creepsilog: Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara!

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